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Transition to our school

Project based learning

At the start of high school we were all assigned to create a meeting place for all of the year sevens to socialise to be comfortable with their new surroundings. We got put into our roll call groups and then we had a tour of the school so we knew where to go for classes.

The first week we started brainstorming our splendid ideas and sharing them to our class. During our second week of school we started our PMI (positives, negatives and interesting) features for our place.

The next week we got put with our animal teams. But it's not like they just told us what our animal groups were going to be, they did it in a fun way by giving us animal cards that we weren't allowed to tell anybody or show anybody what we got. When everybody got their cards we had to stand up and make the noise of the animal card we got. And that is how we found out who was in our animal group. After that we had to measure out where our meeting place was going to be in the school using meters.

We had to present and make a model of what was inside our meeting place. We got to use many different types of material including play doe, cardboard and so on. On the back wall of all of the team's models we stuck a panorama of what the wall was going to look like. The only problem was that most of us got paint on our shirt!  We also had to make a speech and a visual presentation, (either a Prezi, PowerPoint or a poster) on our social meeting place design. Finally we got to present our work as a team.

The Centre of Learning is here

Year 7 students at Picnic Point High School started a new task this year.  The task that we completed was Project Based Learning on the theme "What connects people".  Project Based Learning or PBL was a two week project where in the end, Year 7 students at PPHS constructed a model, presented a speech and a visual presentation in the form of a PowerPoint or Prezi just to name a few.  The students at PPHS designed a social space for Year 7 students to use. We used our creativity and teamwork to make this space.  We were put into groups of 3 (selected at random) then we gathered information and had lessons on marketing.  At the semi-finals, the judges selected two of the best models from each roll call to move onto the finals, where the 12 groups then presented to three guest judges (Mrs Byron, Ms Green and Mrs Mathieson –Tyne), all of Year 7 and parents. We ended the day with a celebration!