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PPHS Merit System

The student merit system is based on awarding merit points to students who demonstrate positive behaviour at school. These points can be added or deducted throughout the year. To find out more information on how to earn Merit point and earn the right to attend Rewards Day Excursions throughout the year, please speak to your year advisor or assistant year advisor for more information.


MERIT CERTIFICATES [3 point value]

Academic Achievement: Any student who achieves first, second or third place in a test, assessment task or other assignment.

Academic Improvement: Any student showing an increased level of academic commitment or performance whether it be in class work, examinations etc.

PASSPORT STICKERS [each sticker has a 1 point value; each completed passport has 20 point value]

In-School Service: Any student who provides a service during the school day e.g. carrying equipment, tidying up a classroom, completing an errand etc.

Recognition of Appropriate Behaviour: Any student who has demonstrated behaviour above what is normally and reasonably expected.

Student of the Month [5 Points] Each month, a student from each year group is selected as the Student of the Month.

Deputy Principal Morning Tea [3 point value] Awarded to the top 20 ranked students and most improved students at the end of Semester One and Semester Two reporting periods.

School Representation:

Any student who participates in extracurricular actitivies e.g. Prefect, SRC, student leadership program, peer support, school spectacular, debating, school band, choir and dance groups, subject competitions, zone, regional and state sporting teams as well as community service.

There may be other worthy situations not covered in any of the above guidelines and deemed appropriate by staff to receive points.


Merit points can also be deducted.

NEGATIVE POINTS: [generally of 1 point value at each stage of intervention]

An example of a negative point would be for inappropriate conduct or behaviour which could lead to necessary interventions by their Head Teacher or Deputy Principal.

The more points collected, the higher the level of achievement.

Platinum Level                  150+ points

Platinum Certificate issued at Presentation Day in December

Invitation to attend all Rewards Day events

Gold Level                          100 to 149 points

Gold Certificate issued at Presentation Day in December

Invitation to attend a Rewards Day event

Silver Level                         60 to 99 points

Silver Certificate issued at Presentation Day in December

Bronze Level                      25 to 59 points

Bronze Certificate issued at Presentation Day in December

Green Level                       0 to 24 points

All students begin on green level [0 points] at the start of each school year.

It is important to recognise the students that achieve at certain levels of the merit system.  The school organises the following four rewards events throughout the year, one in each term.  The Term One, Two and Three events are held at school and an excursion to Jamberoo is organised at the end of Term Four.  If students are at gold level or above, they will be invited to certain rewards events.  Certificates for Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum are issued at the end of the year to students who have finished the year at that level.  Interim rewards including canteen vouchers can also be utilised. 

The Assistant Year Adviser is in charge of collecting all merit certificates and passports. It is the students' responsibility to submit these merits and passports to their Assistant Year Adviser to have them included by any relevant cut off dates for rewards. The Assistant Year Adviser has blank passports to give to students when they complete a passport. Each student carries their Points Passport in their diary, which they need to present to their teacher when they are awarded positive points. Teachers record and sign these points on the passport card. Merit certificates do not carry over to the following term. They are only valid for the current term. Incomplete passports carry over to the following year. Students on positive levels will have their names displayed on their Year Adviser's noticeboard at the end of each term.

The Term Rewards Day is at the end of every term and the last day for students to submit passports and merits to their assistant year adviser is in Week 8.