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Year 6-7 Enrolment

Year 6 students applying for Year 7 2022

Effective Term 1, 2022, the intake areas for five high schools, including Picnic Point HS, will change for prospective Year 7 students in 2022 to provide a choice of both co-ed and single-sex options to more families living in the East Hills area.

 From 2022, intake areas for the following schools will be adjusted:

  • East Hills Boys High School
  • East Hills Girls Technology High School
  • Sir Joseph Banks High School
  • Picnic Point High School
  • Menai High School

Why have the intake areas changed for our school?

Historically, families living in the East Hills area were offered a choice of either co-educational or single-sex high schools, not both. After an analysis of demographic and enrolment trends with consideration given to each school’s permanent accommodation size, intake areas are being adjusted to ultimately offer both co-educational and single sex options, beginning with Year 7 enrolments in 2022.


What is the new intake area? How do I find out which one I live in?

By visiting the 2022 interactive intake map you are able to check the local high school for your residential address. 


Will my child/children need to transfer to a different school because of this change?  



Who does the change apply to?

The new intake area only applies to Year 7 enrolments in 2022 but will gradually extend to all grades by 2025. The existing 2021 intake area remains in place for Years 8-12 in 2022.


Will siblings have to attend different schools?

Enrolment applications for older students or students living outside of the new intake area, will be considered on a case-by-case basis in line with the Department’s enrolment policy.

Other circumstances involving siblings will be considered in line with the Department’s enrolment policy guidelines.