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The High Potential and Gifted Education Policy (HPGE) was announced by the Minister for Education on 4 June 2019. Implementation of the policy across the state is supported by an integrated professional learning program.

The policy will be operating in all public schools in NSW from the 27 January 2021, aligning with the new four-year school planning cycle. 

Signs of high potential

High potential and gifted children tend to:

  • be intensely curious
  • learn new ideas or skills quickly and easily
  • display a good memory
  • ask complex questions
  • be creative
  • enjoy thinking in complex ways
  • require fewer repetitions when learning new things
  • become intensely focused in their area of interest or passion.

Children with high potential like to be challenged. If you observe your child is more advanced than their peers, in any area or domain, it is recommended that you discuss this with your child's teacher or other professional.

A rapid rate of learning means these children may enjoy opportunities beyond the typical level of other children their age.

Resources are available to support your child at school and at home.