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What Is Social Inc.?
Social Inc. seeks to overturn the stigma and social disadvantage around disability in high schools. This program challenges youth to help change the perception of disability in their school through awareness, active social networks and engagement.
Social Inc. is a project which is founded by ADHC and proudly sponsored by Cerebral Palsy Alliance. Social Inc. will take school communities on a guided journey of understanding, acceptance, belonging and giving back.

Why is Social Inc. so important?

  • Research shows that Australian youth with a disability were more socially excluded in 2011 than they were in 2001.
  • Children with visible physical conditions or disabilities can be more likely to be excluded from social activities and called names.

How does Social Inc. operate at PPHS?

  • Principal Commitment to Social Inc. letter signed and displayed
  • Official Launch at school back in 2013
  • Social Inc. meetings held every term in A3 for students to interact with each other and to plan for upcoming events
  • Social Inc. excursion every term
  • Social Inc. camp
  • ‘I say Hi' campaign in November annually
  • Whole School Awareness Modules during mentoring lessons 
You tube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_8XG0LOjUU