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School Leadership Program

The aim of the Student Leadership Program is to offer all Picnic Point High School students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills. This is done by actively participating in a variety of workshops, projects and activities organised by staff and students. The teachers who coordinate the program are Ms Marquis and Ms Davila, who is also the Prefect Coordinator, along with Ms Ngo, the SRC Coordinator. Mr Burgess and Ms Stavros also assist with organising components of the program. Many staff members also assist with the student leadership program throughout the year. There are approximately 150-180 students who take part in the program each year, from Year 7 students to Year 11 students. In 2018, the Student Leadership Program will consist of two workshops and a 3 day camp. To find out how to apply for the following programs, please visit the school website:

How to Apply for the Student Leadership Program

1. During Year Meetings in Week 3 and Formal Assemblies in Week 4, Ms Marquis announced that applications for the Student Leadership Program were open. All interested students received a letter about the program. Included in this letter was a section for parents and students to sign, acknowledging their application for the program. The slip is due on March 2, 2018.

2. Millennium data is checked.

3. Successful students will receive an invitation to participate in the program for 2018. This invitation will include details about the first workshop of the year.

4. Students can withdraw from the program at any time, after discussing the matter with one of the teacher coordinators.

5. Students will be asked to leave the program if their behaviour at school is deemed inappropriate. This can occur at any time throughout the year.

6. All leadership students are expected to participate in the two leadership workshops. If a student has a reasonable explanation for an inability to attend one of the workshops, they must discuss this with Ms Marquis. Workshop One will be held on Wednesday, April 11 [Term 1, Week 11]. Workshop 2 will be held on Friday, September 7 [Term 3, Week 7]. Workshops are an all-day event and are held in the school hall.


How to Apply for the SRC and Prefect

1. In Term 2, all leadership students are invited to nominate students in Year 7 to 10 to become SRC representatives.

2. Once nominations close, the nominees present a speech to the student leaders. The student leaders then vote. Generally, there are two male and two female SRC representatives, although there are instances where this may differ.

3. The SRC representatives participate in an induction workshop at the end of Term 2, where they learn about the role of the SRC at Picnic Point High School.

4. In Term 2, all Year 11 leadership students are given the opportunity to nominate for the role of Prefect. During a year meeting, the nominees present a speech to their year group, who then vote for six male and six female prefects. Picnic Point High School teachers and the Year 12 Prefects are also invited to vote.


How to Apply for the Student Leadership Camp

1. All students participating in the student leadership program for 2018 are invited to apply for Leadership Camp.

2. Students who attend Leadership Workshop One will be given further details about applying for Leadership Camp.

3. Students will email an application to attend leadership camp to the leadership coordinators. Students who do not complete this email by the due date will not be considered for leadership camp.

4. The teacher coordinators read each submission. When deciding which students will attend leadership camp, the teacher coordinators also consider whether the student has attended camp previously, their effort and application during the first workshop of 2018 and their leadership skills.

5. Successful students are invited to attend leadership camp early in Term 2. The cost is approximately $300.00. The Student Leadership Camp will be held on Wednesday, August 15, Thursday, August 16 and Friday, August 17 [Term 3, Week 4]. From the approximately 150-180 students in the leadership program, 60 students are invited to attend camp each year.

If you have any questions about the Student Leadership Program, please contact Ms Marquis during school hours.